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Port Business License Evaluation: Report to Avoid License Revocation

CLIENT ALERT : MARCH 2018 Practice Group: Transportation

To avoid business license revocation for Port Business Entities, Director General of Marine Transportation of Ministry of Transportation (“MOT”) has urged 223 entities listed as Port Business Entities in Indonesia to r

Public–Private Consultation for Free Trade Agreement Negotiations in Canada and Indonesia

A consultation mechanism between government and the private sector, generally known as public- private consultation (PPC), needs to be established and maintained in order to ensure that business interests are brought to the free trade agreement (FTA) negotiating table. In the context of FTA negotiations, PPC is a two-way consultation between the government and the private sector1 that is conducted in a transparent, systematic, and continuous way through a variety of instruments.

Unboxing industry 4.0 in Indonesia

The term Industry 4.0 was introduced in 2011, when German scientists and business advisors coined the term to label an advanced cyber-physical manufacturing process. The process constitutes smart infrastructure that employs today’s technology to digitally connect buildings, vehicles, workers, homes, plants, aircraft and even supply chain processes for enhancing management and manufacturing.

As we know, the key topics in industry nowadays concern multi-industry levels beyond construction and related enterprises.

Challenging the uncertainties of cryptocurrencies

Bank Indonesia (BI) has again reaffirmed its resistance toward the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Indonesia. In a recent press statement released in January 2018, BI has given a clear warning to the public not to use, buy or trade any forms of cryptocurrency, and has also displayed the risks of virtual currency transactions.

Enhancing Investment Opportunity in Indonesia through CEPA

INDONESIA – a developing country with so much potential for economic growth in all industries. To uncover and leverage the full potential, Indonesian government are calling out strategic investments from domestic and foreign investors. Such action is strengthened by partnering with various countries, where mutual business interests and prospective cooperation are met.

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry

The debate regarding the use of artificial intelligence in our modern life continues to divide opinions. In one hand, many believe that automation through artificial intelligence may increase productivity and competitiveness in the business industry. In the other hand, the use of artificial intelligence also raises concerns as it elevates the risk of cutting-off more conventional jobs and skepticism towards artificial intelligence to self-learn beyond our control, becoming competent with goals misaligned with ours.

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