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Portable Battery (Power Bank) Prohibition in a Flight

Portable Battery (Power Bank) Prohibition in a Flight

CLIENT ALERT : MARCH 2018 Practice Group: Transportation

Circular Letter from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Ministry of Transportation No. SE. 015 Year 2018 regarding  Provisions on Carrying Portable Battery (Power Bank) in a Flight has brought an additional safety procedure which has to be fulfilled by all stakeholders in a flight.


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The arising reported number of incidents on the aircraft involving portable batteries garnered significant attention of authorities all over the world including Indonesia’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Through the circulation of Letter No. SE. 015 Year 2018 regarding Provisions on Carrying Portable Battery (Power Bank) in Flights (“DGCA 015/2018”), the DGCA stricken conditions for passengers carrying power bank into a flight. Power bank or spare lithium batteries, which have been classified as permitted dangerous goods under MoT No. 80/2017 and ICAO Doc 9284, based on the DGCA 015/2018 only may be carried out into a flight after satisfying the following conditions:

  1. Should not be connected to any other electronic device;
  2. Shall be placed in luggage cabin and not allowed to be placed under registered luggage;
  3. Shall not exceeding watt-hour rating of 100 Wh;
  4. If exceeding watt-hour rating of 100 Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh, approval from the airlines company is needed, with the maximum of 2 (two) units are permitted per passenger.
  5. If exceeding watt-hour rating of 160 Wh or the rating of watt-hour cannot be identified, it is prohibited to be carried into the aircraft.

The DGCA 015/2018 prescribes all stakeholders to implement the new provisions. Airlines at anytime shall ensure that portable batteries carried by their passengers should always be in accordance with the abovementioned conditions. Airport operators, shall socialize immediately to all flight passengers and personnel regarding the said requirements and conduct a thorough checking towards all luggage. Airport operators further are also obliged to provide a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at the airport regarding the security checking on portable batteries. Lastly, airport authority according to the DGCA 015/2018 should supervise the implementation of this new provision.

In the event that airport operators, airlines, and passengers are negligently or intentionally fail to implement provisions in the DGCA 015/2018, they are subject to sanctions governed in the prevailing laws and regulations.

*) ICAO Doc 9284 concerning Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods. ICAO Doc 9284 can be accessed through this link:, while portable batteries or spare batteries (power bank) are stipulated within this link:
**) the news can be accessed through:


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